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Unlock your vision with our expert team, shaping dynamic mobile apps for a seamless user journey. Elevate your experience with top-tier mobile app designs that captivate and perform.

iOS App Development with a Focus on Security and Precision

Valley Of Digital Inc mobile app developers excel in iOS app development, boasting an exclusive team of Swift and Objective-C developers committed to coding with precision. Whether it's popular niches, social media, music, or location-based apps, our team has successfully delivered over a thousand applications. Adhering to high-end security standards, our developers ensure that your mobile applications are secure, intelligent, and dynamic.

We are dedicated to realizing your vision for an enhanced user experience. You can trust Valley Of Digital Inc wholeheartedly.

Android App Development for Limitless Functionality at Valley Of Digital Inc

Although iOS apps are known to have a higher level of perfection. Firstly, android app development gets you a greater audience. The use of Android as an operating system is immensely popular. Their platform offers more opportunities for customization. Another notable achievement of Android Apps is offering endless functionalities. Due to iOS’s limited nature, many users have transitioned to Android to avail its limitless features. Moreover, the platform makes marketing easier. Resulting in a higher Return on Investments (RoI).

Valley Of Digital Inc is equally proficient in android app development. We have a prominent reputation in the application development community.


Cross-Platform App Development using React Native

With a React Native App, you have the power to maximize functionality. Its cross-platform framework delivers non-stop performance.

Cross-Platform or Hybrid Apps can save tons of your time. Therefore, resulting in diversely compatible solutions. With one React Native Application, you can simultaneously be on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms!

We offer top React Native developers with impressive skillsets. Besides being experts on the React Native Framework, they are proficient in various programming languages.

Elevate Visual Experiences with VR App Development

Get your business to stand out with VR App development. These applications work best to offer simulative learning and development. Advancements in VR technology have streamlined the process, making it understandable.

We have in-house high-end VR testing hardware and 3D animation equipment. This has resulted in hundreds of successful projects. Besides lab tests, large-scale crowd testing is performed to ensure the most accurate results.

Valley Of Digital Inc is dedicated to giving you an experience that feels as real as ever. VR technology makes us passionate about the now, and the future. Our regular activity has ensured the best service to our clients.


Custom Web App Development to Broaden Your Vision

Custom Web Apps have the potential to be of the most complex types. With these, you can include all kinds of functionality. In customized web applications, you can employ a hybrid app framework. Plus, virtual or augmented reality functionalities can also be included.

Valley Of Digital is equipped with an incredible command over the latest tech. Subsequently exceeding the expectations of your customers. Our industry specialists create Web Applications with universal compatibility. With an enhanced performance you reach newer avenues every day.

Close to making a decision – but have a few more questions? We’re here to help you out.

Valley of Digital Inc has been developing mobile applications for over a decade. We provide dynamic solutions for enterprises with complex requirements. This has certainly helped us master multiple niches over this time. Moreover, a considerable number of our apps have attained top ratings on app markets.

Our expertise provides mobile app development solutions for multiple industries. With services to new ventures to large corporates – we have encouraged growth and success.

Enterprise App Development:

Manage and organize your enterprise data with enterprise application development.

Financial Apps:

Wealth management and Cash flow management.


Financial Software Development with modern solutions and strong security.

Banking & Cash:

Reliable — impenetrable security and data encryption.


Empowering the health care industry with accommodating services.


Build your online customer base with a user-friendly eCommerce solution.


Encouraging remote learning on professional training platforms.


Attract users with streamable entertainment.

Graphics and Games:

Complex Applications with unbeatable graphic designs.


There are various steps involved in the mobile app development process. We tried to put it as simply as possible for you.

Our app developers code iOS apps in Swift or Objective C. While Android Apps use Kotlin, Java, or C++.


First of all, brainstorm your idea with us.

Share what you have in mind about the application you want. This would help you know of all integrated functionalities.


While you wait for us to present a blueprint of your idea.

We'll also talk about the design and your preference for aesthetics. Following this, the extent of functionalities will also be discussed.


Let the app development process begin.

Our specialists use official tools like XCODE or Android Studio. This takes up most of the time as all functionality is developed in this process.


Designing the face of your Mobile Application.

UI Design, and adding a few finishing touches to your app design. During this stage, we keep your design ideas on top priority.


Testing your Mobile Application.

During the debugging process, we test all features involved. In addition, we actively monitor all activity within the app.


Beta Version.

After it has undergone alpha testing, a pre-release version of your application is given to a group of users for further testing. This also helps understand the user experience.


Finally, Testing & Release.

After beta testing, comes the final stage. Here we check for any remaining errors, security issues, and performance issues. After your application has passed this testing, we then deploy it to Apple’s App Store or Android’s Play Store.


This depends on the type of mobile app and the development method. Usually, the process can take anywhere between 5-6 months or 20-24 weeks. This estimate can further be broken down to 12-14 weeks for backend development, and 8-10 weeks for app design.

Customized apps and web apps can take a bit longer than that. These projects can take up to 8-9 months to design and develop. Advanced VR Applications can take around the same time.

Popular niches like travel, food, fitness, and voice translation can start from $3500.

Many factors count. Additional functionalities that you might choose to add can add up to the total cost of your application. Functionalities including the following can require extensive development and design:

— Real-time GPS tracking
— Push Notifications
— Internet synchronization
— Payment Processing
— Signup functionality
— Social Platforms

Moreover, enterprise app development is an entirely different genre. It creates complex applications for large corporations and enterprises. Research conducted by VDC in 2017 stated that enterprise apps have an average cost of $140,000.

Yes! Once you sign up with Valley Of Digital, we will take the complete responsibility of developing, designing, and deploying your application. Our app developers will also be guiding you through the technical process of your project. When your application is ready, we will be deploying it on either the iOS App Store or Android’s Play Store. Valley Of Digital will also offer you maintenance for up to 3 months after deployment.

That depends. If the overall quality is concerned, then iOS is better. In terms of security too, iOS applications have managed to outshine Android.

Android is better in terms of functionality. Although both platforms offer excellent options when it comes to functionality. Android applications have far more diverse options.

Most of our clients have got applications developed on both platforms. We also endorse this as it increases online traffic. Having both Android and iOS apps also contributes to higher compatibility. As a result, your brand identity is boosted.

The swift programming language was created by Apple exclusively for iOS app development. Its design gave developers more freedom than ever. The open-source environment allowed for more robust and powerful iOS applications to emerge

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